SEPTA Planning: Reimagining Regional Rail

Please take the SEPTA survey and speak out for an integrated, frequent, connected, and accessible SEPTA system.

Published: 2 minute read

Recently SEPTA has put out a survey (boo..we know, surveys suck) asking riders to share their opinions and experiences with the Regional Rail system. While we know surveys are pretty much everyone’s least favorite thing, this one could wind up being really important for the future of Regional Rail, and SEPTA in general…so hear us out.

The Philly Transit Riders Union believes that the Regional Rail system is a huge asset to the region, while also recognizing it’s many shortcomings, and would like to suggest some changes that we believe would really help. We believe that the Regional Rail should be affordable to all riders, and one way to do that would be to have Regional Rail fares in the city be the same as those for the City Transit routes, that way people that need to travel within Philadelphia are able to do so for a reasonable price. We also believe that the trains should run more frequently and have better connections to the rest of the transit options in the region. We would also like to see all Regional Rail stations be accessible, ensuring that all riders are able to use the system to its full potential. While we realize that these changes will not be free, we believe that the cost of doing nothing will be much higher. If you have ideas for the future of the Regional Rail system, please take the SEPTA survey.

SEPTA will be holding a virtual meeting about all this on October 12th at 6:30pm. We encourage you to register, attend, and tell SEPTA that you support the riders union’s call for an integrated, frequent, connected, and accessible SEPTA system.

If you believe in organizing for a well-funded public transit system that serves the public good, join the Philly Transit Riders Union.