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We are a democratic, grassroots organization of transit riders, workers, and residents who are organizing together to defend and expand public transit.

We believe that public transit is a public good and should be equitable, affordable, and sustainable.

SEPTA Fare Hearings: Have your say
May 22, 2020

The “virtual” hearings for the SEPTA fare increase are happening on Tuesday 5/26 and Wednesday 5/27. The fare plan SEPTA has proposed is the same plan they proposed before the pandemic. We’re trying to get SEPTA to pass a fare plan that lowers and simplifies fares for one year in response to the crisis and we need your voice. We are making it easy for SEPTA riders to be heard in these hearings: Please call the TRU phone at 267-313-6060 and leave your testimony as a message, which we will play in the live hearings– you don’t have to work testifying into your schedule and you can still be heard.

We’re Getting There: We need a COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Transit Riders
May 14, 2020

On Tuesday May 12th, SEPTA announced their plan to implement some good elements of their fare proposal– one free transfer and $1 child fares– on July 1 and to delay all fare increases until January 2021 if their proposal is passed in June. The riders’ union has opposed all fare increases during the crisis and commends SEPTA’s willingness to formally commit to postponing them. While a six month delay of fare increases is a welcome first step, the recovery from this crisis will likely last a year or more.

80+ PA Organizations Demand that the Turnpike Fulfill its Transit Funding Responsibilities
May 14, 2020

Transit is essential. Pennsylvania needs stable funding for public transit. 82 organizations, unions, and elected officials across the state of Pennsylvania called on state legislators to ensure that the PA Turnpike fulfills its $450 million transit funding obligations until 2023, or until a sustainable, dedicated alternative funding source is secured. This coalition of transit riders, labor unions, community development corporations, and community advocates recognize that the viability of our transit system is paramount to both survive the pandemic and to ensure a path forward to recovery.