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Write SEPTA General Manager Leslie Richards: Please bring back our benches.

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We are a democratic, grassroots organization of transit riders, workers, and residents who are organizing together to defend and expand public transit.

We believe that public transit is a public good and should be equitable, affordable, and sustainable.

SEPTA Planning: Reimagining Regional Rail
Oct 4, 2021

Recently SEPTA has put out a survey (boo..we know, surveys suck) asking riders to share their opinions and experiences with the Regional Rail system. While we know surveys are pretty much everyone’s least favorite thing, this one could wind up being really important for the future of Regional Rail, and SEPTA in general…so hear us out. The Philly Transit Riders Union believes that the Regional Rail system is a huge asset to the region, while also recognizing it’s many shortcomings, and would like to suggest some changes that we believe would really help.

On the SEPTA "rebranding"
Oct 3, 2021

In September 2021, SEPTA launched a complete overhaul of their wayfinding system for trolley lines, the subway, and the El: “SEPTA Metro”. This Metro rebranding marks the first time Philadelphia has a single term to refer to its complex urban rail network. It marks a noticeable improvement from the cryptic signage and confusing navigation that currently plagues the system. The decreased reliance on text will make the system more accessible to new immigrants and riders with disabilities.

Who is most affected by the SEPTA "operator shortage"?
Sep 28, 2021

What’s behind the “operator shortage”? For the past few months, SEPTA riders have been waiting for buses that never arrive. SEPTA officials blame an “operator shortage”; there’s not enough operators to cover the scheduled transit service. Transit agencies have had trouble recruiting operators even before COVID, and now, in the midst of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, all workers have seen how little their employers value their lives. Being a transit operator is a demanding, public facing job with odd hours, which can be dangerous in the United States where decades of public service cuts have left many people angry, hopeless, violent, and out of options.