SEPTA Ends Sale of Paper Regional Rail Tickets, Riders Have Questions

Published: 3 minute read

As SEPTA continues to deploy contactless fare payment across the Regional Rail system, we need to ensure everyone has equal access to our public transit system. The statement released on SEPTA’s website provided few details, leaving riders with these questions: Will cash fares continue to be accepted? Cash and paper tickets currently account for 23% of railroad fares. If paper tickets are no longer sold, will cash fares continue to be accepted?

General Meeting: 7/19/2020, 3pm-4:30pm

Published: 1 minute read

On Sunday we’ll be holding our bi-monthly General Meeting at 3pm: If you’re curious about the riders union or looking to get involved, these general meetings are the meeting to attend. We’ll be briefly going over the recent SEPTA fare increase and talking about some smaller items, in addition to planning for a TRU mask distribution project, a transit education initiative, and an upcoming tele-town hall meeting. Here’s the agenda for this meeting and in the beginning of the meeting we’ll welcome anyone to include additional items on the agenda.

SEPTA Transporting Police to Protests: A Timeline

Published: 5 minute read

SEPTA Management continues allowing the use of SEPTA vehicles to transport police to protests

On May 31 and June 1 SEPTA buses are used to transport police to protests. Transit service is suspended at 6pm on Sunday May 31. On June 3rd, 2020 the Philly Transit Riders Union called on SEPTA GM Leslie Richards to stop using our public transit vehicles to transport police to protests. On June 4th, SEPTA GM Leslie Richards and SEPTA Board Chair Pat Deon release a statement that says in part “We cannot be neutral.

2020 Lansdowne Avenue Track Renewal Project

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Beginning Sunday, June 14th, SEPTA is working on a track renewal project along Lansdowne Avenue between 54th Street and 63rd St in the Hestonville neighborhood of West Philadelphia. SEPTA has decided to convert all of Subway-Surface Route 10 from trolley to bus until September 5th. Buses will run from 63rd & Malvern in Overbrook to 33rd & Market in University City, where passengers are required to transfer to other trolley service to continue to points in University City and Center City.

Summer 2020 SEPTA Schedule change

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With the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen the best in humanity during these difficult and challenging times. Locally, the brave employees at SEPTA have been working hard providing an essential service to help us weather through this crisis. As our region begins to enter the yellow phase, we’re looking to SEPTA to make sure the riding public is able to get where they need to go, safely, reliably, and affordably.

Public Transit is for the People

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, June 3, 2020 In Philly and in cities across the Delaware Valley, we are protesting against a system designed to uphold white supremacy and destroy Black lives. SEPTA should not respond by cancelling buses for essential workers and then instead running them for police. Here’s some what we’ve heard from SEPTA riders and workers who have been left behind as a result of abrupt service cancellations in the last week.

SEPTA Fare Hearings: Have your say

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We can make the case for fair fares but we need your help: call 267-313-6060 state your name and that you support the riders union fare proposal

The “virtual” hearings for the SEPTA fare increase are happening on Tuesday 5/26 and Wednesday 5/27. The fare plan SEPTA has proposed is the same plan they proposed before the pandemic. We’re trying to get SEPTA to pass a fare plan that lowers and simplifies fares for one year in response to the crisis and we need your voice. We are making it easy for SEPTA riders to be heard in these hearings: Please call the TRU phone at 267-313-6060 and leave your testimony as a message, which we will play in the live hearings– you don’t have to work testifying into your schedule and you can still be heard.

We’re Getting There: We need a COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Transit Riders

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A six month delay of fare increases is a welcome first step, but the recovery from this crisis will likely last a year or more.

On Tuesday May 12th, SEPTA announced their plan to implement some good elements of their fare proposal– one free transfer and $1 child fares– on July 1 and to delay all fare increases until January 2021 if their proposal is passed in June. The riders’ union has opposed all fare increases during the crisis and commends SEPTA’s willingness to formally commit to postponing them. While a six month delay of fare increases is a welcome first step, the recovery from this crisis will likely last a year or more.

80+ PA Organizations Demand that the Turnpike Fulfill its Transit Funding Responsibilities

Published: 7 minute read

Transit is essential. Pennsylvania needs stable funding for public transit.

Transit is essential. Pennsylvania needs stable funding for public transit. 82 organizations, unions, and elected officials across the state of Pennsylvania called on state legislators to ensure that the PA Turnpike fulfills its $450 million transit funding obligations until 2023, or until a sustainable, dedicated alternative funding source is secured. This coalition of transit riders, labor unions, community development corporations, and community advocates recognize that the viability of our transit system is paramount to both survive the pandemic and to ensure a path forward to recovery.

A COVID-19 Recovery Plan for SEPTA Riders

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$1 fare across all modes for adults, and free rides for all children accompanied by an adult for one year

Sign to support Philly transit riders’ COVID-19 Recovery Plan Since hearings held during a public health crisis will not be representative of transit riders, we would like to see the SEPTA Board respond to current realities and pass a fare plan for a COVID-19 recovery. There are some good elements of the proposed plan– free transfers and new fare products– but with the unemployment rate at levels not seen since the Great Depression, these elements alone will not be enough.