Statement of Purpose

Philly Transit Riders Union is a democratic organization bringing together riders, workers, and residents to fight for expanding and maintaining transit access to everyone in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

We believe that public transit is a public good and that the riders and workers who rely on public transit should have a voice in making sure that their public transit is equitable, affordable, and sustainable. Riders, commuters, and workers lead the Philly Transit Riders Union by inspiring, organizing, and mobilizing its members for sustained political power.

(ratified by membership on June 20, 2021)


We hold monthly general meetings in different locations around the city on the 3rd Sunday, bi-monthly (on odd numbered months) from 3pm-5pm. At these general meetings, riders speak on their issues and we vote on how to run the organization. Here is where the individual experiences of riders ultimately become fully formed campaigns.

How is it getting around on these buses, trolleys, the subway, and the el? Tell us about yourself, your regular routes, and your experiences. We hope to see you at our next general meeting.