General Meeting: 1/19/2020, 4pm-6pm @ Parkway Central Library, Room 405

Published: 1 minute read

The Philly Transit Riders Union will hold a general meeting at Room 405 at the Parkway Central Library from 4pm-6pm on Sunday, 1/19/2020. The Central Free Library branch is served by the 32, 33, 38, and 49 buses. We’ll ask fellow riders attend to share what’s busted and what’s not busted when getting around on SEPTA and we’ll document these stories as we decide together what we fight and organize for in 2020.

We’ll also have two short presentations: Our Research Committee will ideas for possible campaigns and our Process Committee will share a proposal for how we can operate as a democratic riders union.

There are some very big transit fights on the horizon that could mean less service for riders and less work for operators. We’ll need to unite to demand what’s ours.

(📷 credit, bus at FLP Parkway Central Library: Michael Pearson)

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