Statement on CARES Act Transit Funding

Published: 2 minute read


Friday, April 3, 2020

We are pleased that $700 million in emergency funding has been appropriated to support transit operations in the Philadelphia area during this time. This is desperately needed relief for transit agencies and is a much-needed first step, recognizing the critical importance of public transit for moving essential workers during this crisis.

We ask SEPTA to immediately update the public with their plans for utilizing these emergency funds. We expect these funds be used to add additional cleaning crews to sanitize stations and vehicles, restore Nite Owl shuttle bus service so that essential workers are not stranded at their jobs, provide emergency paid leave and hazard pay to all SEPTA employees, and make transit free throughout the duration of this crisis to reduce the contact between SEPTA employees and the general public during this time.

Since the majority of transit funding in Pennsylvania comes from the state, our transit agencies are particularly vulnerable during this crisis. We ask area congressional leaders to secure more federal funding to ensure we have functioning transit agencies as we recover.

SEPTA must do everything in their power to benefit their employees and riders, and with these funds, are in a strong position to deliver on a clean and safe transit experience for the duration of this crisis.