Bus Overcrowding and the CHW Closure

Published: 1 minute read


Monday, December 21, 2020

Since September SEPTA riders have been testifying to the SEPTA board about overcrowding on SEPTA buses and asking for a timeline for the return of the Chestnut Hill West Line. SEPTA refuses to acknowledge that some buses are regularly crowded and refuses to give a timeline for a return of the Chestnut Hill West Line.

SEPTA will receive $252 million dollars in federal aid as part of the most recent COVID relief bill. We have recommended reopening the Chestnut Hill West Line and allowing all transit riders to ride Regional Rail at the price of transit fare. As SEPTA determines how to use this funding, SEPTA managers must listen to riders who are suffering from overcrowding and inadequate service.

In the meantime SEPTA should be honest with riders, because honesty will cost them nothing.