People's SEPTA Budget: 2021

No crowded buses. No service cuts. A seat for every rider.

Published: 3 minute read

The Philly Transit Riders Union and supporting groups will hold a “People’s SEPTA Budget” public hearing at the same time as SEPTA’s Operating Budget hearings. SEPTA’s online-only budget hearings are often inaccessible, so we’re holding our own hearings.

On Monday, May 24 at 6pm come to SEPTA HQ at 1234 Market St. to tell everybody what it’s been like riding SEPTA, what should change, and to hear what it’s been like for other riders.

During the pandemic SEPTA riders dealt with severe service cuts and crowded buses. SEPTA workers truly sacrificed, while SEPTA executives apparently did not.

During the pandemic, the Route 23 bus and others were often crowded and passing up riders. Coming out of this pandemic, we want SEPTA to respect riders. Run more service when lines are crowded. Every rider deserves a seat.

Here’s what you can do:

  • come to 1234 Market St on Monday 5/24 @ 6pm: Speak about how SEPTA has failed you and what you want them to do
  • call 267-313-6060, leave a message as your testimony
  • submit written testimony

Here’s example testimony:

“My name is ________ and I ride the 23 and the subway and I support the Transit Riders’ Union. I’ve had to deal with crowded buses through the pandemic, sometimes so crowded that I would just get off and wait for the next bus. I want SEPTA to run more buses on the crowded route 23. If I’m paying the fare, I should get a seat.”

We will submit all testimony to the SEPTA hearing examiner.

SEPTA has the potential to effect real change in the Delaware Valley. Unfortunately, here are some of the ways they fell short in the past year:

What they’ve done right? SEPTA should be commended for delaying 2020 fare increases until 2023.

We need you to tell SEPTA management to do better. Hope to see you on Monday May 24, 6pm @ 1234 Market St.