2020 Lansdowne Avenue Track Renewal Project

Published: 2 minute read

Beginning Sunday, June 14th, SEPTA is working on a track renewal project along Lansdowne Avenue between 54th Street and 63rd St in the Hestonville neighborhood of West Philadelphia.

SEPTA has decided to convert all of Subway-Surface Route 10 from trolley to bus until September 5th. Buses will run from 63rd & Malvern in Overbrook to 33rd & Market in University City, where passengers are required to transfer to other trolley service to continue to points in University City and Center City.

While this is the “easiest” option for SEPTA to do, replacing trolleys with buses on this route will be harmful to passengers, and a better option is available. We urge SEPTA to reverse the decision immediately.

A SEPTA bus seats 39 people and has a standee load of 59. A SEPTA trolley seats 51 people and has a standee load of 85.

Under the COVID-19 vehicle loading guidelines:

  • 40 foot buses which will be operating on Route 10 have a capacity of 20 people.
  • Trolleys that usually operate on Route 10 have a capacity of 25 people.

By reducing the amount of tunnel service, SEPTA will increase the chances of someone coming into contact with COVID-19 and increase their wait times.

Passengers will be forced to board alternative lines (routes 11, 13, 34, or 36) to get to 33rd St to transfer to shuttle buses. Passengers who need to use those routes go to destinations beyond 33rd St. will be passed and have to wait LONGER for service to get home from their essential trip. Passengers EXITING Route 10 may have to wait LONGER at 33rd St EB to board a trolley to get towards Center City.

The solution is to operate Route 10 as a trolley from Center City to 63rd & Malvern and detour cars via Lancaster Av, Girard Av and 63rd St. Shuttle buses can operate between Lancaster and Girard and 63rd & Lansdowne for riders who need to go between those points. This is the less distruptive, more considerate, and safer alternative.